Kitamura Studios 키타무라 스튜디오

Kitamura Studios - the professional choice.
Expert photography tailored to your requirements.

Who are we?

Principal photographer: Kie Brooks
Marketing & Sales and FIrst Assistant: Soo Yang Lee
Additional Staff: You may meet some others too if it's a really big shoot.

Services, Languages & Locations

We shoot in Korea and also part of the year in Hong Kong.
We speak English, Cantonese and Korean.

We happily accept bookings for:

  • commercial photography (beauty, fashion or corporate)
  • portraits (portfolio, corporate, artistic or nudes)
  • product photography (advertising, print and web)
  • event photography (corporate or private events and parties)
  • art commissions and aerial photography

Improve Your Photography

We are now offering monthly 1-day photography seminars.
Meet up with other people who enjoy photography, learn new skills and create stunning images.

Contact Us

If you would like to commission us to do some work, then contact us for details
so we can understand your requirements, offer suggestions and give you a quote.

Run of the mill or one of a kind, describe it to us, we would love to discuss it with you.
Samples of our work can be seen in the galleries.

The Galleries

--> The galleries!